Staff Achievements


A monograph on Telangana Mahameeyulu ‘ Vemuganti Narasimhacharyulu” by Dr CH HARINATH, Asst Prof of Telugu, GDC Siddipet (A) Published by Telugu Akademy under the aegis of Government of Telangana



Lt. N. Sreenu, Asst. Prof. of Commerce was being felicitated by the Telangana Citizens Council on the occasion of Teacher’s day. He was given the Vidya Shiromani Award by the Social Service organization.



Sri A. Srinivas Reddy, Principal of the college, receiving award from Hon’ble minister Sri T.Harish Rao Garu on 15-8-17IMG-20170815-WA0045

Sri A Durga Prasad, receiving the state best librarian award from Hon’ble minister Sri T. Harish Rao Garu, on 15 Aug 2017

Dr GS1

Dr Gopala Sudarshanam, Assistant Professor, BOS and Head Department of Commerce at GDC Siddipet, delivering a lecture at the academic staff college Osmania UniversityDr Gopala Sudarshanam, delivering lecture at the academic staff college, Osmania University

Dr Gopala Sudarshanam, Assistant Professor, BOS and Head Department of Commerce at GDC Siddipet, who chaired the first technical Session, delivering the presidential/ chairperson remarks at the international seminar IASE,   Osmania University


Dr P Ayodhya Reddy, Asst prof of Zoology

Dr. P. Ayodhya Reddy, Asst prof of Zoology, being felicitated with the state teacher award in Yuvatarangam 2016 by the Commissioner of collegiate Education Smt. A.Vani Prasad IAS.


India Libraries on behalf of all its members congratulates India Libraries Ambassadors for 2017-18.


Slide1 Slide2 Slide3The teaching and non-teaching staff of the college strive towards an all- round excellence of the college .The staff members support the academic and administrative needs of the college with a wide variety of subjects /subject combinations offered to the students. The team of the college faculty adds a diversity and richness in the ofacebook_1490252132713utlook of their academic activities in general and research activities in particular. Further, the staff has been supplementing their lectures by tutorials, seminars, debates and group discussions. All the innovative and modern teaching pedagogues of our staff have prompted the college students to abreast of new knowledge and inventions.  Especially, they made students to show commendable and creditable performance in their academics as well as in competitive examinations. Since its inception in the year 1956, the college had been nurturing by the galaxy of eminent educationalists like IIT icon Sri Chukka Ramaiah. Due to their selfless and untiring efforts, the institution has grown from strength to strength and stage by stage in academics and infrastructure. The college is always ahead in encouraging the faculty members to participate in orientation courses, refresher courses and to attend National and International level seminars, workshops and conferences so as to enable them to enrich with innovative teaching tools in general and to improve research skills in particular. As far as publication and research works are concerned, so far our faculty members have presented 30 research papers in ISSN and ISBN. They attended 45 National level seminars in which 35 papers were presented. They also participated in 15 International seminars and attended more than 20 Refresher and orientation courses to their credit.



Dr K Prabhu , receiving State best NSS Programme Officer from Commissioner of collegiate Education, Telangana

Dr. K.R. Shanmugam, Lecturer in Zoology has been sanctioned a Major Research Project. Sri. M. Ravi Kumar, Lecturer in History, Dr. Hussain, Lecturer in Political Science and Dr. K. Bhavani, Lecturer in Economics have been pursuing their minor research projects in their respective fields. More than 15 staff members have got qualified in UGC accredited NET and SLET. Recently, Sri A. Srinivas Reddy, Lecturer and Incharge of Zoology, Dr. Harinatha Sharma, Lecturer in Telugu, and Dr. V. Ravinder Reddy, Lecturer in Chemistry have been sanctioned Minor Research Projects from UGC-SERO, Hyderabad.