Academic Reforms Planned

  1. Digitalization of the Library improves library access and provides better and quick reference besides saving invaluable manuscripts and books of the olden days.
  2. Connecting the total campus with Internet connectivity.
  3.  Establishing sufficient number of e-classrooms for facilitating ICT based learning.
  4. JKC will look after competency in communication skills and other employability skills will be taught.
  5. The district employment officer had already informed us that she will help us in the recruitment drive. A few collaborations/ employment drives will attract more talented students to the college.
  6. Research will be promoted through workshops and conferences. Some of the staff has produced international papers in journals with ISSN and ISBN numbers. Their services will be utilized to this end.
  7. Special classes will be conducted for students with back logs. The examination system will be more student friendly with the semester system. This will be implemented after the autonomous status is accorded. Remedial classes for slow learners will be conducted.