Non-Academic Reforms Planned

  • Administration of exams will be delegated. More staff could be accommodated. New equipments in labs and new computer systems will help in the increase of enrolment.
  • There is no denying fact that physical infrastructure plays a pivotal role in attracting students to apply for seat. The excellent teaching faculty will see to it that the enrolment will keep improving.
  • The methods of appointing Heads /in charges will be scrupulously followed as per the norms laid down by the collegiate education. Academic and non-academic reforms are being implemented.
  • Rationalizing the size and composition of decision making bodies is already in the process. The bodies will participate in the meeting under the chairmanship of the principal and discuss the vital matters pertaining to college. The decision s taken will be implemented with immediate effect.
  • Staff will be sent to attend orientation and refresher courses. Those who apply for Minor research projects and Major research projects will be encouraged.
  • The staff will be encouraged to pursue research and motivated to apply for patents/ copy rights and to work in this direction.

 Industry Interaction:

  • JKC will look after competency in communication skills and other employability skills will be taught
  • The district employment officer had already informed us that she will help us in the recruitment drive. A few collaborations/ employment drives will attract more talented students to the college.
  • Measures are being taken to connect with industries for employment of our students.