Students Development Plans

  1. Identification of Academically weak students with the help of their performance in Bridge Course, periodical internal assessment tests and classroom slip tests.
  2. Conducting Remedial Coaching during outside the college timetable involving experienced lecturers in the subject concerned to pay personal attention to improve the result.
  3. Conducting tutorial hours in general to all the students both on Campus and in hostel on regular basis to clarify doubts and to provide additional input to the students.
  4. Special Training Programs for all students to develop competence in Competitive Exams by inviting expert faculty from reputed local colleges for competitive examinations.
  5. Arranging Guest Lectures by expert teachers all over the country to provide the students with better insights into the subject along with  the latest development
  6. Individual Attention by entrusting small groups to Senior Teachers to monitor their performance and counsel them periodically on academic, personal, emotional problems.