Faculty development Plans

  1. Training programs for English teachers through ELF in such a way that they can efficiently handle not only English in the classroom but also English for diverse purposes.
  2. Planning specialized trainings for teachers both to improve their technical expertise and to equip them with the latest developments in the subject.
  3. Training teachers periodically by helping them undergo Orientation and Refresher Courses periodically and regularly to keep them abreast with changing aspects.
  4. Sponsoring Teachers to participate and present papers at the National and international seminars by duly bearing the expenses involved along with treating necessary leave as On Duty.
  5. Sensitizing and encouraging teachers to enroll themselves for M.Phil and Ph.D programmes making use of Faculty Improvement Programs.
  6. Hosting more seminars and Workshops and fests in all the Departments involving both the students and staff for upgrading their knowledge.